Balance is Bliss

Balance is Bliss

The world is full of a lot of weird and wonderful things, with the most curious being the being! No, that is not a writing mistake. I am talking about the human being, the life form, the person, the individual! That is in fact what we all are, individuals! We all look, live, feel and indulge in pleasures differently. In every thought there is to be had, or every task there is to be done, we all do life in our own unique ways. But what if I said there was a conscious decision that we can all make, a secret, that would help you get the most out of life? We all have unique personalities and characteristics but what if I told you that the secret to life is to be more like your friend, neighbour, colleague, boss or even one of your rivals? Sounds silly huh? Why would you want to be like someone else and not yourself? How can I be asking you to set aside your individuality and how can I be asking you to be someone you’re not? Well read on and it will make more sense, I promise.


So, why should you try to be like someone else? I will get to that soon, but first I want you to think about all the different people you know and the different kinds of lives they lead. Who are they? What makes them smile? How do they get things done? What are they successful in? How do they react when things don’t go the way they planned? And how do you feel about this person? Having the answers to these questions will help you as you read on. But I want you to pause and really think about it. Is there someone in your life who is active, always on the go and can never sit still? Is there someone in your life who is motivated and dedicated and always achieves what they set out to do? Is there someone who is carefree, and what some may call a little lazy, but they always seem to get lucky and have things go their way regardless? Is there someone who is spontaneous and is always the life of the party? Is there someone who is responsible and always planning for the future in fine detail? Well, I am not going to ask you to choose to be like one of these people. Not one, but every person you thought of has something to teach you. You need to take, as they say, ‘a leaf out of their books’ and be more like them! Still doesn’t make sense? Continue and it will become clearer.


The truth is, I am not telling you to change and become a completely different person; I am not telling you to become your best friend from school or the colleague that gets on your nerves. No. I am not telling you to become them, I am telling you to be more like them. To help make sense of it all I want you to think about yourself now. I want you to think about yourself in regards to the questions mentioned above. Who are you? What makes you smile? How do you get things done? What are you successful in? How do you react when things don’t go the way you planned? How do you feel about yourself? Then, I want you to think about the statements above and decide where you would fit in all of it? Are you the active one, the motivated one, the carefree one, the spontaneous one or the one who has a plan for everything? Is it easy for you to put yourself in to one of these categories; do you have one in mind? Well the reality is, you should not be any one of them; you should be all of them! I am hoping this is starting to make more sense for you now when I say we should be more like others. To cut to the point, balance is best; balance is bliss. Don’t be stuck in your ways but rather, let yourself be fluid in making decisions and taking action. Don’t always stick with the same approach. Let yourself change and grow; be the person you need to be for that moment in time. I know it may sound a little unusual but I speak from experience. I was once the person who had a plan for EVERYTHING! Then, after a few changes in my life I went from one extreme to another and adjusted to becoming very spontaneous and a little crazy. Neither options were great, as I went from a rather boring and stressful life to a lifestyle that was rather unhealthy. I needed to find a balance.


Life is fun, crazy, unusual, unpredictable and diverse. Life is full of so many different situations and circumstances and each person will react and tackle it all differently. Sometimes things will work out and sometimes they won’t. That’s life. But in actual fact, you can succeed more and get the most out of life if you become more like others. Instead of  placing yourself in one of the categories above and continuing with your repetitive behaviours, you adopt the behaviours of others, a behaviour that is suitable for each situation. As you are reading this now you are thinking that I have fooled you into reading this far and I don’t actually have a secret to share with you. Changing your behaviour and approach to suit every situation is not a secret! And you would be correct. It is not a secret and it is something we may do on a daily basis. But the secret is, to become more aware of yourself and each situation and be conscious of the choices you are choosing to make because we all seem to fall back into certain habits more often than we would like to admit. The secret is to know yourself and how you would usually react to a situation. The secret is to break free from the usual ways that we would behave. The secret is to find balance in all that we do and to be active, motivated, spontaneous, well prepared, carefree, and even lazy at perfectly the right times when each situation calls for it. Don’t try to plan every detail of your life because you will fail. Don’t be overly spontaneous and carefree because when it all falls to pieces as a result of no plan, you will care a lot. Don’t be so lazy that you miss out on opportunities and experiences, but don’t be so active that you make yourself exhausted and become hospitalised as a result of not resting enough. Again, I am speaking from experience here. But that takes me to my final few points and how this can all be taken on board when travelling.


Travel often brings out certain characteristics and personalities in people. There are all types of travellers. There is the well prepared traveller who has a detailed schedule and a plan for everything. There is the spontaneous traveller who likes to ‘wing it’ and just take each experience as it comes. There is the active traveller who thrives on adventure, who aims to see and do it all. There is the carefree or lazy traveller who likes to sit by the pool and relax. There is the traveller who likes to indulge, the traveller who likes to sightsee, likes to party, likes to explore etc etc. I could go on and make a large list on the types of people that travel  and the ways of travelling but that would take a whole new blog. To get to the point quickly,  I will say again that balance is best; balance is bliss. Though we may all have a preference as to what we do and how we behave when we travel, I can say from experience that like life, we get more out of travelling when we become more like others. Take a leaf out of someone else’s book, step out of your comfort zone, try to find a balance and get the most out of travelling; get the most out of life! Make a flexible plan to allow you to be spontaneous, spend the day being active and then spend the afternoon relaxing with a drink, be tight-fisted with some choices to allow you to indulge in others, involve yourself in everything on offer from relaxing and taking it all in to partying and exploring. Travelling is an amazing opportunity and you should seek to get as much out of it as you can. Travelling brings about so many stories and so many lessons if you allow it to. Once more, I am talking from experience. For more stories, advice and practical information on travelling check out my other articles. And remember, next time you are faced with a situation ask yourself if it would be best to be like someone else? Balance is best; balance is bliss.


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